Mint Music Radio on Radionomy
Mint Music Radio on Radionomy

MM Radio Pop-Out Player

Mint Music Radio

Licensed International Online Radio Station

As a member of the Mint Music Artist Competition & Social Network, your audio content is eligible to be played on Mint Music Radio. Mint Music Radio is a non-genre specific internet radio station that was created for the following reasons.

  1. To provide Mint Music Artist with an additional platform to showcase their talent.

  2. To increase the fan base and brand recognition of the Mint Music Artist.

  3. To provide Mint Music Artist (by way of Radionomy) with radio royalty compensation. Here is a link to Radionomy licenses.

  4. To provide Mint Music Artists, Mint Music Vendors & Mint Music Venues with an arena to advertise their products, services and events.

Although, just because you upload music to the MintP3, that doesn't guarantee your music will be played on MM Radio. We will only consider 128K (and above) clean (no profanity) audio content for Mint Music Radio. Also, we "strongly" encourage you to register your content (SABAM, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, etc.) before uploading, to ensure you receive royalties from your registrar. So whether you want your music played on MMR or just want to listen other artist content, Mint Music Radio has a place for you. Where else can you hear Folk, Death Metal, Country Pop, Afrobeat, Instrumental Rock and Hip-Hop in a one hour span. Mint Music Radio is an international radio station where one can listen to the tunes of India, Tanzania, Manchester, or Detroit without turning the dial.

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