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ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Soundexchange

Mint Music Radio - Licensed International Online Radio Station

As a member of the Mint Music Artist Competition & Social Network, your audio content is eligible to be played on Mint Music Radio. MM Radio is a BMI & ASCAP licensed online radio station playing the sounds of the world. The Mint Music Radio Station is non-genre specific, uncensored (99%), mobile, and is licensed to play all artist, but most importantly the purpose of MM Radio is to play YOU. Although, just because you upload music to MintP3, that doesn't guarantee your music will be played on MM Radio. We will only select the highest quality audio content for radio play; also we encourage you to register your content before uploading to increase your chances of receiving royalties from radio play. If a riot is the voice of the unheard, then Mint Music Radio is the harmony and instrumental behind that voice.

It's time to be heard, it's time to be Mint.

So whether you want your music played on MMR or just want to listen other artist content, Mint Music Radio is the place for you. Where else can you go from Keith Urban, Ajasa, Ferry Corsten, Jagit Singh, and finish with KRS One. MMR plays Led Zeppelin for our classic rockers, A Wa Dis Man for the Yardie shottas, the Wonder Girls for the K-Poppers, and Rakim for real Hip Hoppers. Mint Music Radio is the international station where we can listen to the world's greatest musicians & vocalist at the same time, whether we are in India, Tanzania, Manchester, or Detroit.

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